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If the eye of the beholder is not trained to seize nice distinctions in the behavior of the human kind, many misunderstandings can appear. A mindful observation of our social environment leads to a better working atmosphere, a more responsible task allocation as well as more affectionate relationships at work and at home.

A wise dealing with gestures, feedback and deposit of abilities and aversions can be very helpful from childhood on. No matter if you are starting an apprenticeship, applying for a job or consolidating social skills are of advantage.

To sharpen the perception the adjustment of self- and external perception as well as the realization of the differences in body language are the first steps into a responsible social interaction.

List of recent Workshops:


Intercultural communication I

an introduction in understanding the Austrian body language for people who (recently) moved to Austria for better integration in the job market.

Intercultural communication II

an introduction in understanding the body language of immigrants for better integration in teams and companies.

Self- and external perception

a perception training of our own nonverbal signals and their effect on other people. As well as an Adjustment of Self-image and public-image.

If you have interest in a customized workshop for your company or school please do not hesitate to contact me. All aspects presented in my portfolio as well as every ethological issue can be converted to a workshop or talk for every age group.