Scientific Support

In science a lot of research is based on pictorial material. Behavioral catalogues, for instance, are an important tool in Anthropology, Primatology and other biological fields. Standardized representations are furthermore essential in studies dealing with the perception and assessment of digital stimuli

The more professional, comparable and technical considered the pictures are the less confounding factors will bias the study in this context.  

As a biologist I conducted several studies that were based on pictorial material.  Thereby I gained experience on how important the right exposure for the comparability and exploitability of studies is. Portraits with the wrong focal distance or a different depth of field affect the outcome of a study delicately. Standardized pictures of humans and animals have to be professional that they can be processed for further (statistical) analyses. Behavioral catalogues can only be made by a person who knows the animals’ habits and acts accordingly. Particular for capturing animals’ behavior, it is of importance to know the species of interest in order to keep an eye on the right target.

It is a great asset if the photographer is an ethological biologist as well!

Certainly for any zoological institution it is of advance to work with a biological educated photographer to compile pictorial material – no matter if it is for research or marketing use.


with the Austrian Research Center for Primatology at Affenberg Landskron:

  • Behavioral Catalogue
  • Standardized Portraits
  • Report of saesonal differences
Behavioral Catalogue
Standarized Portraits