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The pictorial language is a very powerful social instrument. Photography is a great way to attract, inspire, stimulate or unsettle people because photos cause much stronger feelings than any written text. Photographs are an appealing but also objective way to tell the story of a person or his/her acting. Making not enough time for the person or situation that should be captured will affect objectivity and bias the photographer.

My goal is to portray not only a moment but a meaningful situation or a persons` typical behavior. Showing the authentic picture of a person and his/her acting needs time, empathy and interest in the character.

No matter if it is a story of life behind the scene, a special view on the ethological content or a professional presentation of a person and her/his work considering her/his personality and special skills – an individual concept will be compiled and implemented according to the desired key aspects.



A picture has the ability to reproduce what’s happening around the world which gives photography an authentic character and makes it incorruptible for the description of reality. That’s why the photographer has to take care of the desires and vulnerability of the pictured people. Visiting a new place, someone else’s house for a few days can be impressive but may paint a false picture of reality. Empathy and interest in the present situation as well as an ethological background help me to work with people in a thoughtful and respectful manner.

Humanitarian Storytelling
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