physical balance

Slowly it becomes a little quieter around the refugee streams waiting to enter Europe. But still there are a lot of people waiting for decision that will change their lives completely. And also within the European countries are many people waiting whether they could stay or have to continue their journey.

We have already heard about the importance of physical balance in emotional stressful situations because exclusion or rejection responds to the same brain area as physical pain and disturb the inner balance. Many youngsters are passionate about sports because it helps them to find their place in a group playfully and the physical exercise let them forget about their problems for a while. Continue reading


The angle of vision

Perception is a complex system to process sensory stimuli. A human being screens unconsciously and consciously those stimuli and merges the information subjectively to a useful overall impression.

That’s what we do in our daily life and also every day at work. If we already work in the same work area since years we know exactly which steps are coming next and which part we fulfill in the client interaction.

Often repeated situations leave a certain impression und lead to a certain behavior. Our senses collect information from the environment and influence the general impression of our job or our part in our working space – in general our self-perception.

Certainly in the psychology of everyday’s life not only the opinion of our selves respectively our behavior and confidence are important but also the impressions others have toward us – the so called external perception. Continue reading

Science at Affenberg

Hormones and DNA are analysed in laboratories in Vienna

The Affenberg Landskron opened its doors in 1996 with 39 Japanese macaques directly imported from Japan. After a big racket because of an outbreak of the monkeys within the first week, the monkeys start feeling themselves home at the enclosure. The group grows since then and today includes 152 individuals. Since the beginning thoughtful animal attendants take care of the monkeys. In cooperation with the university stress hormones and aggression levels are measured and compared to free-living macaques continuously to keep the best living conditions for the monkeys.

But also ethology has become a big issue the last years. Where are the monkeys sleeping? Are the children born in the trees? What if the group grows bigger? Will they start to split up? … And what is their behavior all about? The behavior of the monkeys is observed under natural conditions and all research is non-invasive. There many other ways to test their skills, cooperation and self-perception. Continue reading

Live an let try | Vienna

Daniela Latzl puts life into “live and let try”, enrichening learning experiences for teams and individuals through her outdoor trainings. In her role as an Event Manager, she merges unique framing and individual experiences to create unforgettable events for businesses and sometimes also private clients. As a yoga teacher, she has also dedicated part of her life to sharing her energy and calm approach to enjoying life with her yogis.

>> Erdachtes mag zu denken geben, doch nur Erlebtes wird beleben. <<

Mit „leben und erleben lassen“ belebt Daniela Latzl als Outdoor-Trainerin das Lernerlebnis und die Entwicklung von Teams und Individuen. Als Eventmanagerin schafft sie den passenden Rahmen für unvergessliche Veranstaltungen. Als Yogalehrerin steht sie mit beiden Beinen fest im Leben und gibt ihre Ruhe auf der Matte mit Bedacht an ihre Yogis weiter.


Dumpsite | Manila

Payatas is located in Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines. One of the distinguishing features of Payatas is the 13 hectare garbage dumpsite known as the Payatas Dumpsite. In the 1970s, the area was only a ravine that was surrounded by farming villages and rice paddies – but at the present, Payatas houses a 50-acre landfill and is called the second smokey mountain.

Smokey mountain was a large landfill, operated for more than 40 years, consisting of over two million metric tons of waste. The flammable substances on decomposing waste led to numerous fires, which have resulted in many deaths. Continue reading

Dellerdesign | Vienna

>>Jewel finds his bearer. It is only a matter of time.<<

In her own studio the jewelry designer Sabine Deller creates extraordinary masterpieces. She shows a wide range of arrangements and combines sterling silver with precious stones and other special materials.

>>Das Schmuckstück findet seine Trägerin. Es ist nur eine Frage der Zeit.<<

Im eigenen Schmuckstudio gestaltet die Designerin Sabine Deller außergewöhnliche Unikate. Sie zeigt ein breites Spektrum an Gestaltungsmöglichkeiten und kombiniert Sterlingsilber mit Edelsteinen und speziellen Materialien miteinander.



Club foot | Mali

Mali is one of the spots in the world where you realize that you cannot take health care for granted. Wherever you go you see penniless people. There are not many things they can rely on. Especially when it comes to health care the smallest problem can ruin their existence totally. Even in Bamako, the capital of the country, people hardly see any chance to live a different life which let the slums around the city grow bigger and bigger.


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