The right balance

Here is the second part of the story of two refugees from Afghanistan who went through a lot of challenging situations and often came to a turning point in their young lives. Not only the migration to Austria but also their former lives in Afghanistan were not comparable to our childhood. As a child they could only forget about their daily life problems when they were doing sports. Later on, they found their passion and inner balance in sports and maybe get now the chance to become professional sportsman.

Nevertheless both know how important education is and so they made up for their school diploma in Austria. That’s where we met…


Abdullah was born in Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan in 1995. Because of the bad safety situation he could not got to school. He loved to play football from early childhood on and played on the streets with his brothers.

When he was 14, he immigrated with his family to Iran where he had to sew suits from 8 am to 10 pm every day except Fridays. Life was hard when Abdullah needed balance the most. He found his equalizer again in sports. He played in an afghan football team which gave him so much pleasure that he stood the strenuous work.

Actually, we should have taken part in a tournament in Afghanistan. However, because of the bad security situation and the lack of money this was not possible. I was very sad and disappointed, Abdullah explained.

Three years ago he came with his family to Austria where he visits school for the first time. The calm and courteous young man learned studiously German. He seemed very excited about the second chance to make something out of his life. But the experienced made him unconfident and raised the pressure to use his second chance. For a long time he spoke hardly a word and if then he stuttered.

Then he found the way back to football…

abdullah-5548In Austria I got the possibility to play in the Austrian national street soccer team. My team could even take part in the world championship in Mexico City. We reached the 7th place from 48 teams. This has pleased me very much! 

I would like to make my graduation and learn well German, so that I can find an apprenticeship after school and built up good future in Austria.

Meanwhile Abdullah addresses his fears about finding an apprenticeship or a job without any formal education in Afghanistan or Iran. He studies hard for his Austrian school diploma and works on his self-esteem.

Football always was his backing, his balance, his passion and maybe leads him to his highest aims.


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