The angle of vision

Perception is a complex system to process sensory stimuli. A human being screens unconsciously and consciously those stimuli and merges the information subjectively to a useful overall impression.

That’s what we do in our daily life and also every day at work. If we already work in the same work area since years we know exactly which steps are coming next and which part we fulfill in the client interaction.

Often repeated situations leave a certain impression und lead to a certain behavior. Our senses collect information from the environment and influence the general impression of our job or our part in our working space – in general our self-perception.

Certainly in the psychology of everyday’s life not only the opinion of our selves respectively our behavior and confidence are important but also the impressions others have toward us – the so called external perception.

If the external perception does not meet the self-perception major problems in interpersonal communication can appear. Occupational success as well as communal life are at risk. If the interaction with the client goes a long way towards a great or only tolerable cooperation the right behavior gets even more important. We have to know what our clients need and how they perceive us.

A good reason to change sides and to step into the client’s role.


In the particular case of a photographer the client has to feel comfortable to make imposing pictures. All phases of cooperative work have to give the customer the feeling of being understood and well protected. What it is exactly to feel comfortable in the teamwork with a photographer you can test by changing sides. This is what Simone Naumann lately did in order to be able to empathize with her costumers. She gave herself into the hands of Melanie Eichenauer and was pretty surprised how the other side feels.

To change sides can be a great challenge especially if you are well settled in your job and the new perspective feels quite unfamiliar. Nevertheless as a photographer you only come to realization how important the setting for the customer is if you assume the role of the model. Altogether, location, fitting room, make-up artist and set pull their weight to a successful shooting.


Maybe you do not need a relaxed atmosphere and a comfortable outfit for the perfect look on the for example application photo but to get authentic, natural portraits you have to work on that. We definitely found a heedful interaction and a comfortable atmosphere at Melanie’s studio.

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