The angle of vision

Perception is a complex system to process sensory stimuli. A human being screens unconsciously and consciously those stimuli and merges the information subjectively to a useful overall impression.

That’s what we do in our daily life and also every day at work. If we already work in the same work area since years we know exactly which steps are coming next and which part we fulfill in the client interaction.

Often repeated situations leave a certain impression und lead to a certain behavior. Our senses collect information from the environment and influence the general impression of our job or our part in our working space – in general our self-perception.

Certainly in the psychology of everyday’s life not only the opinion of our selves respectively our behavior and confidence are important but also the impressions others have toward us – the so called external perception. Continue reading

Top 5 features to become the boss

… of 153 Japanese macaques (Macaca fuscata) at the Affenberg Landskron.

Within my photographic work with Japanese macaques at the Austrian Research Center for Primatology to compile a catalogue of the monkeys’ behavior, so many exiting things could be illustrated. Some of them are certainly not only interesting for students or school classes.

Here are the top 5 characteristics a high rank monkey has to show to keep his position. You will be surprised how familiar some – but hopefully not all points sound. Continue reading

Reading emotions

Since people are travelling thousands of kilometers within a few hours intercultural communication gets more important every day. Also the fact that people do not automatically live where they were born gives us the duty to read people’s intention more carefully than we used to do.

As long as we have the same goals (work) or interests (private) we have less communicational problems. We are more tolerant and lenient with wrong wordings or reduced talking speed from foreign people. The so called “foreigner talk” seems nice to us. We laugh about bad told jokes and don’t put every word on the scales.

But what if we don’t know each other or what if we don’t know if we are on the same side? Continue reading