Inner balance

The challenging part of our lives is when it comes to setbacks, stress situations or even strokes of fate and to get the best out of the given situation. For the physical health it is very important to exercise especially during hard times. It keeps us healthy and mentally adaptable. But most of all it is a great way to free our mind and to balance mental stress.

Nowadays we often hear about youngsters threatening each other or fighting or getting into trouble somehow. This problem mainly but not only concerns people without perspectives (unemployed, no working permission, etc.).

One reason for violence besides missing education, support or affection is that exclusion or rejection responds to the same brain areal as physical pain. This kind of “feeling attacked” can lead in worst case to the need of a physical reaction. Luckily sports give us the opportunity to alleviate this kind of “pain” and to free the mind for an approach to a non-physical solution for life’s problems. Continue reading

The right attitude

Laughing is healthy, it keeps us fit und is strengthening the immune system and it is infectious. Feelings in general are extremely infectious. We all can hardly avoid joining in when somebody is laughing out loud. If you don’t believe try yourselves!

Meeting a cheerful friend after a long and hard business day lifts our spirits way faster than trying to relax at home. Probably we are laughing about the day’s misfortunes at the end of the day. But not only positive emotions are infectious. The mood of a really depressed person gets us down and sad movies give us food for thoughts.  It’s not only what people are saying but the whole attitude affects us. If we are watching two people in a conversation we can often observe that both are acting the same way. One person is copying the others posture like sitting cross-legged or supporting the head with the hand. Interacting with our counterpart leads to a bilateral imitation and results in an alignment of the other person’s mood.

Which sense does it make to cry while watching a movie or to watch the penalties with excitement even if it doesn’t change our lives? Continue reading