People all over the world look different. We are able to guess from which part of the world people are just by looking at their faces – but we can’t differentiate people from the same region without dealing longer with those people. But it’s even more complicated!

We live no longer in the countries our ancestors came from; people from different origins are related and start families. This is what makes us beautiful and special. The mixing of cultures leads to more tolerance and makes us kind of attractive. It’s possible to calculate and visualize the average face of some different faces by setting anatomicaly reliable points on each face.


The typical morphing process comprises the selection of several prominent facial characters (like the corners of the eyes or of the mouth) on source and target image. Then the faces were rotated and unwarped according to these points and finally they are in accordance with each other. The calculated average face includes the facial characteristics of both faces. More prominent features lead to a more fascinating comparison between the original and the average face.


If we open our mind for different cultures we are not reduced to a common thread. Together we are more like the sum of our specialities.

These pictures were created for a group project in 2012. The theme of the exhibition was “social media”. It was part of the photographer school I accomplished in 2014 with a diploma.


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